The Summer House

Born out of their deep appreciation for craftsmanship and living slow, founders of The Summer House India, Rekha & Shivangini, have built a brand that bridges a gap between sustainability and everyday luxury clothing. By choosing to offer good quality craftsmanship TSH marks it’s niche as a brand that boasts India’s textile crafts with a global consumer in mind. With fabrics woven by local artisans and all clothing produced in-house at their studio in Bangalore, full attention to detail is given in workmanship of each piece.

Drawing inspiration from society itself; the moods and movements with in it, The Summer House is modern, cerebral and timeless. We have chosen TSH for this very reason, where you will find silhouettes with a unique character and edge.

Notably, The Summer House has made strides in innovating to produce zero waste denim made up of 100% recycled fabrics without the use of water and chemicals. Where the water footprint of denim production is excessively high, taking around 10,000 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans- we think their solution is the way to forward!

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