Runaway Bicycle

Runaway Bicycle came about when the woman behind the brand, Preeti Verma, felt the need to design clothes that she would love to wear herself- a dream that many of us can resonate with!

Born in a small village in Northern India where she studied art on the foothills of the Himalayas before moving to Mumbai, Preeti’s approach is minimalistic design made of clean lines and the light fabrics that are a nod to her natural surroundings growing up. These designs resonate with the brand’s philosophy of being free and careless, climbing trees, running with the wind, and in all, just being yourself.

The brand is built on combining the traditional knowledge of weavers, and dyers across India with the skillsets of craftsmen within the studio to produce garments that defy trends and seasons. The truest test of their craftsmanship lies in the longevity of the products that they make. Not only are they infused with daily wearability but also the ability to withstand multiple wears and washes, getting more comfortable each time.

With habitual, timeless clothing being at the heart of The Thin Line, we share the values of shedding dependence on fashion trends with Runaway Bicycle. If you’re looking for comfort before form, Runaway Bicycle is here to deliver!

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