Sneha Bagrecha

Our range of bags by label Sneha Bagrecha are chic staples with functional features. Designer Sneha’s namesake brand marries functionality with chic design effortlessly through their range of handbags.

An avid traveller herself, Sneha’s inspiration was drawn from a trek around the Himalaya’s with the idea to design eco-friendly everyday essentials like handbags, purses, and device cases.

Based out of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, the label employs local artisans within the realm of weaving and woodwork, building lasting relationships with them along the way.

The handbags take contemporary forms with the use of handwoven textiles and teak wood, leaving behind an imprint of the artisan's handy work within each piece. We’re sure that these versatile bags will make a popular addition to the wardrobe for casual days and the dressier days. 

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Core Values

Human Kind


Natural Materials

Natural Dyes


Design Led

Behind the Scenes at Sneha Bagrecha