Raised as a British-Indian in London, I have grown up maintaining strong heritage roots, and long-lasting love for India’s evolving fashion industry. One of the biggest influences, when it comes to fashion & textiles, has been my mother who has adorned beautifully handwoven saris throughout her life.

These surroundings filled with rich textiles inspired my path to building a career in fashion that began at University. I gained a degree in fashion design whilst gaining experience with accomplished menswear designer Lou Dalton. 

When I stepped out into the ‘real world’ of the industry, landing my first job in buying with a renowned British retailer in 2015, I began to witness first-hand the pressures that were placed on garment workers who worked excessive overtime to fulfil orders with short lead-times. This was an eye-opening experience that awakened a realisation within me of the intimate connection between consumers and the lives of the people who make their clothes.

After I left this role in 2017, I set my sights on reconnecting with all the reasons why I pursued fashion in the first place that are; identity, craftsmanship, and the beauty of timeless design.

I delved back into following the work of sustainable brands from India, finding out more about the artisans behind them, their inherent techniques, the positive impacts of crafts like hand-weaving, and how the designers are making them relevant for women around the globe. This is where The Thin Line came to life, starting as a blog to express my interests whilst working towards launching this retail platform through which the creativity of brands and artisans can be represented in the western hemisphere.

The vision for The Thin Line is to form a bridge between wearers and the narrative of each person behind the pieces.

Join me on this journey of dressing consciously each day, staying true to our identity and respecting the livelihoods of those who form the art of fashion with skilful hands.

| Meera |