Sole Stories

Helmed by a Mother-Daughter duo, Faridah & Afshan, Sole Stories represents thoughtfully designed Vegan footwear that aims to be Inclusive, Sustainable, Ethical, Artisanal, and Raw.

Based out of Mumbai, India, the talented artisans behind Sole Stories call different parts of the country their home. The brand itself is grounded with a firm awareness within it; that each time a shoe changes hands within the supply chain, it imbibes with it not only the perfected craftsmanship that is inherited but also holds the aspirations and love of the maker within it.

With conscious design at the forefront of their values, shoes are ethically made using sustainable vegan alternatives like Pineapple leaf fibre, upcycled rubber tyres, and recycled plastic amongst others.

Sole stories play on the concept of creating accessories that are used as a medium of expression, an extension of oneself rather than simple materialistic objects that are owned and discarded upon new trends.

The value is in the brand's name, a pair of sleek footwear will adorn your soles with the stories of the makers of them. 

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