Earthy tones and striking prints are what ASA is all about. Textile designer, Shreya Oza founded the brand located in Gujarat, India.

Shreya’s experiential approach to design creates a unique aesthetic where the traditional craft of hand-block printing is done using carved potatoes that form contemporary motifs such as bold stripes and bright florals. Throughout the process, organic and handwoven cotton are dyed with natural colours derived from ayurvedic plants like Sandalwood and Indian Liac to inform the colour palette.

The driving force behind ASA includes a master pattern maker, tailors, printers, dyers, and weavers who work extremely closely to achieve precision every step of the way. Natural dying and hand-block printing is far from a smooth process in itself and truly requires a slow and patient process to achieve great results.

The collection by ASA for The Thin Line carries easy separates and dresses that can be dressed up or dressed down as per the wearer's mood. 

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Behind the Scenes at ASA

Hand block printing in progress