We place India's artisanal craft
at the heart of what we do

Our Mission

We stock conscious fashion brands from India with a global consumer in mind. The clothes & accessories are made by supporting the heritage crafts and livelihoods of local artisans (known as karigars).

We believe eco-ethical fashion should be widely accessible. That is why we strive to deliver equitable price points for those looking to consume better, whilst still reflecting the lengthy processes behind each product.

Our curation is considered with timeless, habitual styling in mind to make gliding into our garments effortless each day whether it be for the day job, or leisures.  

Our Purpose

Our curated collection is made up of brands, artisans and crafts solely from India. We strive to bring awareness to the benefits that traditional handcraft practices can present to contemporary fashion, our planet and the livelihood of artisans.

Garments and accessories that originate from artisanal hand-woven processes are core to our range as we join a movement along with the brands we represent to uphold India’s handloom industry.

Employing over 4.3 million artisans directly, with 2.4 million looms and producing 95% of the world’s handwoven fabrics- the handloom industry is the second largest employer of India’s rural population.

Onset by these statics, along with a love for India’s conscious brands and textiles, we are driven to connect seekers of truly conscious fashion with it’s makers. 

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Our Curation

The brands that we represent have been carefully handpicked, bringing to light the finest of Indian craftsmanship, along with timeless designs that are wearable in the every day. Whether it be clothing, jewellery, accessories or shoes, our curated aesthetic oozes in effortless style.

We ensure that our own values align with those of the brands that we work with, as they deliver with slow, sustainable processes made from locally sourced materials as well as in-house woven textiles that empower the makers.

You will see details of each brand's values attached to individual pieces as you browse our collections. 

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Your Wardrobe

 Our collection is filled with wardrobe staples, chosen just for you to build a wardrobe that is lasting without the need to keep up with ever-changing trends. Therefore, each brand varies in aesthetic giving minimal yet contemporary silhouettes that can be styled together in a number of ways.

We understand that conscious fashion should be accessible for those who wish to invest in it so we only choose to partner with brands that can deliver this whilst still ensuring that the fair wages are maintained for all. 

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A Founders Journey

 Join me as I share my journey to finding TTL, navigating through a vision inspired by my Indian heritage with a passion for the country's array of crafts.  

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