Our Values

Our collection is made up of like minded brands who share our ultimate vision of making stylish fashion with a conscious approach a norm in the global industry. Our values are a benchmark that we set when working with brands who fulfil at least 3 of the values.

Human Kind

We choose to work with brands that have kindness rooted in their DNA where all members are valued for their contribution and skills. Our brands are committed to creating positive working conditions, fair wages and implementing better practices.


We pride ourselves in stocking products that have been made by the hands of artisans. Our brands support the masters of various crafts from hand-weaving, to shoe and jewellery making. This ensures that artisans maintain their livelihoods and uphold their heritage crafts.


Our brands create with planet preservation at the heart of their production processes and designs. They think in terms of quality which equates to longevity of product life-cycle, they minimise carbon footprint with local, handcraft production. Wastage of water and materials is also actively minimised.

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres like cotton and silk bring many advantages to garments but one of the foremost is their ability to biodegrade or recycle. From the farmers growing cotton crops and silk worms, the fibres are combed and spun into yarn by hand making for a sustainable outcome which is why textiles like khadi, organic denim, wool and silk are at the heart of what many of the clothing brands produce.

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes come with benefits not just to the environment but also to our skin. With India once known as the leading source of natural dyes, it is no wonder the designers behind our brands have adapted the techniques. Some of our garments contain common herbal dyes such as Chandan (Sandalwood) and Neem (Indian Liac).

Design Led

Values would be not be upheld without the creativity of the designers who apply them to products. The brands we select have strong visionaries behind them, who are constantly evolving their designs to direct their initiatives in the betterment of the planet, local communities, use of resources and above all in creating timeless products for consumers.