TTL India Covid Initiative

Over the last few months India has seen the surge in Covid cases with a new and relentless variant emerging. 

As a brand connected directly to India through the conscious brands that we stock and the artisans they employ we have felt compelled to play our part in doing what we can at this time. This is why we asked each of our partner brands to name a charity that they would like to nominate for us to donate 10% of profits made from the sale of their products via The Thin Line until the end of May.

Below is an outline of the charities chosen by each brand. 

Dhora- Covmeal:

Jewellery brand Dhora based in Jaipur have began their own initiative providing free meals to Covid patients and families within the city. One meal costs approximately £4.50 to provide. 

Dhora Covmeal initiative
ASA & Sole Stories- Hemkunt foundation:
Brands ASA and Sole Stories have each chosen Hemkunt foundation who are working to provide relief with free oxygen cyclinders and refilling services. They are a force setting up campsites for patients to be attended to with oxygen support. 
Hemkunt foundation
The Summer House- Ketto India:
The Summer House have nominated a fundraiser on Ketto India set up by Rana Ayyub to provide uncooked ration to as many families as possible in the slums of greater Mumbai as well as assisting with urgent medical care and payment of hospital fees for those who need it. Their priority is to help those working in crematoriums, graveyards, hospital cleaning staff and morgues.
Rana Ayyub Ketto India
Label Sneha Bagrecha- Gujarat Covid Support:
Label Sneha Bagrecha have chosen fundraiser Gujarat Covid Support within the state that they are based. The fundraiser allows the volunteers to offer medical supplies to those who urgently require it, pay for immediate hospital fees, provide oxygen supply/ refill and connect patients with food supplies. 


All charities and NGOs listed are doing the groundwork to help relieve the impacts of Covid in India. Your purchase of a wardrobe staple from us will help aid these initiatives.

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