Our Lines

These lines form the basis of our ethos, we endeavour to build on them and maintain them when it comes to working with brands and organisations.

| Artisanal |

Textiles woven by hand from the very first spin of the wheel makes for a sustainable outcome. It also means that artisans in rural villages maintain an income and uphold heritage fabric crafts.

| Human-Kind |

Valuing the artisans who put in hours of skilful energy in each spin, weave, and stitch is the driving force behind TTL. We work carefully with brands to ensure positive working conditions, fair living wages and better practices are implemented throughout production.

| Go Slowly |

We strive to achieve an ecological production chain, ensuring wastage in materials are reduced throughout the production, natural dyes are used and few polluting machinery are used to create articles.
We'll also provide care guides for your treasures so that you can make them last.